Industrial Property Rights

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Intellectual property consists of:
– industrial property rights (invention patents, useful models, industrial design, trademarks, etc.) which are referring to realized creations of mind in a useful product, affixing a commercial symbol to the useful product, or mean of expression;
– copyrights and related rights which are referring to original art or useful creations of mind materialized in certain form
Additional forms of protection – which are stipulated pursuant to unfair competition laws, especially to provisions referring to protection of undisclosed information through a business secret, protection against taking unjustified advantage (e.g.. imitation of goods), or causing confusion (e.g. by so-called passing off), in the market during competition.
Certain additional forms of protection are found in principles and institutions of the legal system, especially of the corporate or civil law (law of obligations), of the labor law (related to creations of the employees, business secret protection, criminal and administrative law relating to forgery and piracy etc.)
Each country has its own intellectual property laws and national system of organizations operating in the field of intellectual property protection, pursuant to its legislative sovereignty and territoriality principle.
Industrial property rights are administered in a formal, administrative procedure before a competent administrative authority of the Republic of Serbia.
Application procedures for some of the industrial property rights have a time priority (national and international applications) and are determined by special leges speciales and by-laws of Serbia.
The Agency can provide specialized legal services for the right owners in procedures for administration of intellectual property rights before the competent administrative body.
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