Science and Proffesion

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Intellectual property does not protect ideas as such, only the original expression of the ideas (through copyright protection) or the application of the ideas (knowledge, information, in a useful product).
Science and Profession Department is a specialized department of the Agency offering information regarding administration, marketing and consulting of copyrights for some of the following authors' works:
- Studies
- Preliminary studies
- Preliminary designs
- Expert texts
- Reviews
- Lectures
- Translations from different fields of science: medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacology, biology, economy, mining, geology, electrical engineering, agriculture, technology, management, marketing and other scientific disciplines.
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In case you chose us to realize your intellectual property rights through our service of  conclusion of author’s agreement in your name and for your account, with calculation and payment of corresponding fees and taxes,  please fill out and sign our Authorization Form and send it to us.
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