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Intellectual property does not protect ideas as such, only the original expression of the ideas (through copyright protection) or the application of the ideas (knowledge, information, in a useful product).

Among others, copyright regulations give the author the exclusive right to copy, market, lease, copy his/her work, as well as to disclose his/her work in public (for instance, to present, perform, broadcast, etc). As any other participant in economic transactions, author is in the position to appropriate economic gain from the results of his/her work.

Some forms of economic exploitation of author's work are actually specialized economic activities which demand organizational, material and personal prerequisites, and the author, as a rule, is not able to perform these activities on his own. Therefore, the author authorizes so-called users of author's work (producers, publishers, broadcasting stations, theatres etc.) to do so.

The legal instrument through which the user of author's work acquires the right from the author to use certain author's work in a certain way, is an author's agreement. By conclusion of  author's agreement, the author grants the right for use of his work, and for that claims previously agreed compensation . In practice, the author does not generate revenues from direct economic use of his/her work but from the compensation he/she receives from the user of work according to the author's agreement. This is a legal mechanism by which social functions of copyright are performed: gratifying author for his/her work, encouraging author's creativity and thereby cultural development of the community.

The Agency provides specialized services to authors, i.e. right owners through its departments:

- Fine Art, Literary, Theatre and Film Rights Department;
- Science and Profession Department;
- Foreign Rights Department;
- Department for Administration of Industrial Property Rights;

In the  Fine Art, Literary, Theatre and Film Rights Department, you can get information on protection and administration of copyrights for the following authors' works:


- publicist works, brochures, articles, reviews, encyclopedias, collections, anthologies and similar works,
- oral works: speeches, orations, lectures,
- translations of authors’ works,
- adaptation of authors’ works,
- edition of works which are authors’ works by their choice and arrangement of form
- proofreading of authors’ works,
- interpretation of literary works,
- software, computer programs and databases.

- paintings, drawings, sketches, sculptures etc.,
- architecture works,
- applied art and industrial creations,
- cartography works (geographic and topographic maps),
- plans, sketches, models,
- photography works etc.

– dramatization, adaptation,
- screenplay, synopsis,
- recording of audio and visual materials,
- interpretation,
- libretto, music composing,
- choreography and pantomime,
- costume design, set design,
- newspaper reports, other newspaper forms, commercial and other advertising,
- video and sound recordings, broadcasts, databases etc.

In case you chose us to realize your intellectual property rights through our service of  conclusion of author’s agreement in your name and for your account, with calculation and payment of corresponding fees and taxes,  please fill out and sign our Authorization Form and send it to us.
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telephone/fax: +38111/3222-768

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