About Us

JAA-Serbian Authors Agency is specialized agency for realization of intellectual property rights.
Agency gathers team of experts and associates and is technically equipped to provide quick, efficient and high-level professional service in realization of intellectual property rights both in the country and abroad.

Users of the Agency's services are, without limitations, individuals and companies that produce or use intellectual property (copyrights and related rights, patent, trademark, design, geographic indications of origin, integrated circuit topography) in their business, domestic i.e. foreign residents, i.e. domestic or foreign companies.

Our Agency is the oldest agency in the field of copyright realization, founded on January 1, 1955. Since its founding, the Agency never stopped operating up to this date.
In 1994, in order to incite creativity in our country, and on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its existing and operating, JAA established the annual prize "Creator of the Year" for extraordinary accomplishments in the field of literature, science, fine art and product innovations, of an individual (group of authors) for author's work produced in particular year.
Clients of the Agency were and are the most prominent authors and creators from all fields of creativity from our country and abroad. We proudly point out that in the course of a single year, the Agency provides services to a large number (over 7,000) of authors, right owners and users, at their request.

The Agency provides, among others, the following services:
- Representations based on appropriate Authorities, by conclusion of authors agreements and payment of royalties according to realized agreements;
- Depositing authors' works and subject matters of related rights;
- Paying social insurance contributions (health and pension insurance) and appropriate taxes;
- Negotiating in order to obtain license to use foreign rights, i.e. placing domestic works abroad;
- Consulting, submitting applications and requests related to realization of industrial property rights with the Intellectual Property Office (patent, trademark, design, geographic indication of origin, integrated circuit topography);
- Professional lectures and education of right owners and users;
- Organizing seminars, round tables etc.