Foreign Rights

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The service of the Agency includes:
- representation of authors, right holders in all fields of creativity by concluding agreements on assignment or transfer of the rights to use author's work, containing foreign element (license, transfer of rights);
- providing specialized legal services for the right owners in procedures for administration of intellectual property rights before the competent administrative body;
- consulting for intellectual property right holders, containing foreign element;
- depositing author's works and subject matters of related rights in English language applicable to the territory of Serbia, i.e. abroad.

Foreign right holders

The Agency carries out necessary correspondence and operations in order to obtain license for using copyrights for domestic users (publishers, theatres, universities, science institutions, film and music producers etc.).

Upon conclusion of an Agreement, the user of author's work has an option to transfer agreed royalty payment through the Agency, by transfer of agreed amount in equivalent value of dinars (enlarged for the amount of taxes, fees and bank costs), after which the Agency gives instructions for transferring royalty payment in agreed currency to copyrights owner's account.
Protection of domestic authors and right holders abroad

The Agency represents domestic authors in all affairs related to the use of their works abroad, which means that authors receive complete service of realization of copyrights and related rights, from conclusion of corresponding Agreement to transfer of agreed royalty payment in net value to authors' dinars or foreign currency accounts.
The Agency also maintains regular contacts with publishers, translators of Serbian and foreign literature, and other institutions abroad which might contribute to the popularization of domestic authors' works in foreign countries.

One of the Agency's activities is the placement of domestic authors and intellectual property rights owners to markets in foreign countries.
Avoidance of international double taxation

The Agency obtains:
- certificates issued by the Tax Authority of contracting country (in cases of use of foreign authors' works)
- i.e. by domestic Tax Authorities (in cases of use of domestic authors' works abroad)
by which author's royalties are taxed only in the resident country of the author, and double taxation of authors' royalties is avoided (pursuant to concluded bilateral Agreements on avoidance of double taxation between Serbia and other countries).

Registration of authors' works and subject matters of related works

Works are registered by the Agency in English language.
Since our country is signatory of most international agreements and conventions in this field, a certificate issued by the Agency, which proves that an author's work has been registered and deposited in Agencies archives, is a valid document in cases of inspection of authority and international trials.

For any further information, please contact us at:

telephone/fax: +38111/3225-902
If you wish to deposit your copyright, i.e. subject matter of related right, you can download an application and send it to us with enclosed documents.

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