I hereby dully authorise JAA - Serbian Authors Agency to conclude authors agreement, in my name and my behalf and for my account (as well as in the name and behalf and for the account of my associates), with following:

(name and address of the legal enterprise - user of the authors work)
(tax identification number)
Represented by :

(name and sur name of the authorized person in the legal enterprise)
For the production of the authors work :

By the oral agreement the term for the delivery of the work is :

Agreed authors royaties :

to be paid :
(write number of installments, amounts and schedule of payments)

installments: :

AUTHOR (rightholder)
With associates
Name and surname :
Street :
No :
Residence place and municipality :
Personal nr :
Nationality :
Accounts nr :
Bank :
Tel :
Professional training level :
Kind of professional training :
E-mail :
Health insurance on whatever basis Da Ne
Social insurance
(mark the type of the insurance) :
active military
retired military person
Insurance of retirement and disability for employees
Insurance of retirement and disability for self-employed persons
freelance artist
person engaged in agriculture
Which of the Republic funds for retirement and disability insurance are you insured with :
With the Funds for the retirement and disability insurance of employees
With the Funds for the retirement and disability insurance of self-employed
With the Funds for retirement and disability insurance of farmers
I enclose the copies of the documents certifying my social insurance: insurance application, the decision of retirement, decision of the tax authority for the freelance artists or similar.
By this I dully authorize JAA - Serbian Authors Agency to act in my name and on my behalf (as well as in the name and on behalf of my associates) as follows: to collect the author's royalties, to deduct the related taxes, contributions and Agency's fees, and to transfer the net payments to my personal account as well as to the accounts of my associates. I also enclose the list of my associates with their data, with corresponding distribution of the royalties, which presents the integral part of this Authorization .
By this I certify, under the moral, material and criminal liability, that all details stated in this Authorization and included documents are accurate, as well as that I informed all persons stated, that I will forward their data to JAA-Serbian Authors Agency for processing, in accordance with the Law on personal data protection, as well that I will inform the Agency if any of stated details in this Authorization change. In accordance with Authors Agency's Notification about personal data processing, by this I agree with processing of stated personal data, which Agency obtained directly from me or otherwise.
Agency will bear no responsibility for any eventual incorrect data delivered by the authors, that is by users on authors behalf, based on which Agency is dealing as legal representative of the authors and in their name and for their accounts, performs activities for legal protection and realization of copyright and related rights.
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