Serbian Authors Agency

JAA-Serbian Authors Agency, is specialized Agency for the intellectual property rights protection and legal services in this respective field of activities.
Agency generates team of experts and associates, and is technicaly equiped to deliver prompt, efficiant and highly proffesional service in the field of intellectual property rights, in Serbia and abroad.
Users of our services are, with no restriction, individuals and legal persons and companies, who in their work identifies and use the intellectual property rights and goods ( copyright and related rights, patents, trade marks, design, geographical indications, topografies of the integrated circules ets ),  domestic and/or foreign residents, national and foreign enterprises and companies.


in accordance with the Law on personal data protection

JAA-Serbian authors agency is dealing with realization of copyrights and other intellectual property rights, which includes gathering and processing authors and rights holders data, forming, updating and saving data bases needed for realization of intellectual property rights. All data are processed automatically and manually.
Agency’s employees are having access to gathered data, in accordance with internal policies, as well as...more