in accordance with the Law on personal data protection

JAA-Serbian authors agency is dealing with realization of copyrights and other intellectual property rights, which includes gathering and processing authors and rights holders data, forming, updating and saving data bases needed for realization of intellectual property rights. All data are processed automatically and manually.

Agency’s employees are having access to gathered data, in accordance with internal policies, as well as the State authorities with appropriate official document for precisely stated data in accordance with the Law.

Delivering of personal data is necessary for realization of copyrights and other intellectual property rights.

Author, that is copyrights holder, has the right to demand at any time, in writing, deleting of his personal data from Agency’s data bases, provided that he has no further obligations toward the Agency.

Deleting of personal data shall be automatically considered as cancellation of authorization for realization of copyrights that is other intellectual property rights.

In case that author, that is copyrights holder, believes that Agency has been processing personal data illicitly, he/she has the rights to apply to the Commissioner for information of public importance and personal data protection.

In case that Agency is informed about any illicit data processing, it will immediately inform author that is copyrights holder and the Commissioner.